This page is dedicated to the miscellaneous stupid shit that is generated throughout the year by Skip and his staff. We provide no guarantee or certification of this bullshit in anyway shape or form, however we love it all and endorse it 100%. As Gavin Newsom says: "We love this fishing humor shit, period full stop."


The stable went on Shark Tank for a massive cash infusion. The negotiations were tough, but Skip pulled Lori and Daymond in on a killer deal!

mpa charters

Guaranteed Limits or Your Money Back!

Captain Johnny Jim is an expert in fishing Marine Protection Areas. Don't take his word for it, listen to his satisfied customers.

bay pride

Skip on Rogan

It was an absolute hoot chilling with Uncle Joe and talkin bout fishin!

oh Baby'

Oh baby 

How Not To Park Your Boat

This episode of fucked up alcoholic boating shows everyone how to park your yacht while under the influence of God knows what! Don't forget to go full throttle at the end!

Local Knowledge
Season 7

Promiscuous girl, wherever you are, I'm all alone, and its you that I want. Promiscuous boy, you already now that I'm all yours, what you waiting for? 

How To Backlash!

This episode of Fucked Up Fishing will show you how to incorrectly thumb the spool and apply way to much pressure and way not enough pressure, causing a massive rats nest of a backlash! Well done Dave!